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Galrond The Eathershaper: Leader of The Titans, molder of the world.

Malaygos The Manalord: Second in command of The Titans, creater of magic and mana.

Pakonar The Icemaster: Third in command, creator of ice.

Nainiey The Foundator: Maintains the core of Azalaroth to keep the world from falling in, first female titan.

Aenar The Airbringer: Creator of air.

Ganosar The Protector: Protector of Azalaroth, strongest of the titans brawn-wise.

Sinial The Planner: Planner of the creation of worlds.

Aeiniy The Watermaster: Creator of water, the second female titan.

Saeregas The Firelord: Creator of fire, strongest titan, traitor.