The September of Fire is the september of Hathlar in 593 when Suniros murdered Range Melude and

Indral was destroyed.

The Murder of Range MeludeEdit

When the young hero Range Melude journeyed to The Scar Suniros was waiting for him in The Chamber of The Staff. Suniros brutally murdered Range Melude, and badly wounding Dambroz.

The Seige of IndralEdit

Shortly after Range Melude died, Suniros led his army and burned Indral, killing the civilians, and the mutated goblins of the area.

The End of SeptemberEdit

When the end of the september came, Suniros and his army set the rest of the forest alight, destroying almost everything.

Current DayEdit

The September of Fire is a local holiday in Indral. Civilians honor Range Melude and the souls who died in the village by dancing and torching the armor of Suniros's soldiers. 

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