The Pantheon is a former servant of Morlind the Ligron. He now resides in Bra'Hala palace in eastern Northrend.

Krigon Edit

The Pantheon was the Kremli leader of the village of Leharata. When travelers from The South came to the continent of Krigon, The Pantheon (known as Parhala) fought against the intruders (Who would later be known as Tarklars) but failed in protecting their village, and Leharata was destroyed.

Rescue Edit

The Pantheon was out in wild for only days after the attack of Leharata when Saint Dane and his followers rescued him. Saint Dane would create The Pantheon a kingdom to rule and a castle to live in. In time, Saint Dane, proud of the creature, willfully gave The Pantheon control over Saint Dane's kingdom, followers, and control over Saint Dane.


The Pantheon has many followers his high council includes:

  • Saint Dane: 2nd In Command
  • Bralka: Advisor
  • Elanor: Caretaker
  • Brahalder: Arbilon
  • Arkret: Bodyguard/ Messanger