Suniro is the ancient lord of sun and flame. He serves as prince to



Suniro was at one time a trainer for eager young blacksmiths in Daelron of Hathlar. He rarely came upon many blacksmiths, as not many people were interested in blacksmithing in Range's Cape. It was one day when an ancient warlock came to Suniro and took him on a legendary quest to the large village of Indral. In time, he defeated an ancient evil, and murdering The Titans. Afterwards, the ancient warlock gave Suniros the power of the sun. Suniro went mad with power and created an army to seek to capture Indral.

Suniro Nou famously lives in London, this unique name allowing one to seek him out like a stoat. Suniro continues the legendary quest through the modern day economy, effectively adapting from his God-like status to the new, corrupted society we have decended into from the Prelapsarian state. Suniro is famous for reputing the Sonderweg theory, favouring the idea of Germany being corrupted by Cambodia itself. As an advocate of elves, Suniro frequently visits the toadstool palaces of the Far East. Sly mice are in his loyal service, with Kitty's feathers playing a significant role in the Earth's eventual downfall. Beware the comet. Beast 666, Nero, Nero. The Titans have fallen. The Romans. The Greeks. Carthage. All fall; this is the cycle of life. Call this an attempt of 'Finnigan's Wake' if you will; but this is no stream of consciousness. This is a prophecy. If we do not learn from war- surely life is cyclical, from which we continue to gain no knowledge through History. The truth is. as Suniro, great god of sun and flames, once said, is '...we cannot defy our nature. Decline of man shalt be brought by none other than ourselves'.

Suniro advocates truth and illusion; why should a god instigate these ideas? For truth and illusion can both bring about our downfall. Both burn, but we must not flit away from the flame like a moth, coming only too close to being burnt. Either embrace the dancing flame, or flee. Flee.


'Oh, soft self wounding pelican, whose breast weeps balm for wounded man.'

The Tales of Ranges CapeEdit

Suniros makes an appearence in the prequal to The Ancient Lords Series: The Tales of Ranges Cape. Suniros speaks to Range in a hallucination when he faints in the desert. After Range defeats Yaxocious, September comes and Suniros invades the cape once again. Suniros is responsible for the death of Range when Range comes alone to defeat Suniros.

Journey To AzalarothEdit

After The September of Fire