Storm Bluff is the capital city of the tauren. It is located on a bluff, with bridges expanding to different parts of the city, which resides on 5 large mesas.


When The Horde came to The Maelstrom on their journey to Kalimdor, The Horde came upon islands somewhat north of The Maelstrom, which they named The Central Isles. When they landed, they were attacked by tauren, but noone was hurt. The Horde agreed to take the tauren to Kalimdor and help them build a lifestlye if they join The Horde. So they went on to Kalimdor, and the spiritual tauren found a bluff, in which they wanted to make their home. They found this bluff in the middle of a storm, so in the days they began construction, they agreed to call it Storm Bluff.

The War of 200Edit

At the first morning of year 200, the tauren began a large ceremony at Storm Bluff. That very morning Storm Bluff was attack by The Alliance. Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes all attacked at once, sparking The War of 200. Storm Bluff was kept at bay, but it got hit with attacks every day, weakining it's defenses. At last, a combined force of spellcasters destroyed the hut the chief lived in, then all the bridges were taken down, and finally they destroyed the elevators, leaving the tauren stranded. Soon, the mesas began to become attacked, one by one through the power of zepplins, the tauren were getting picked off. After the fifth day of being stranded, a group of tauren used equipment they crafted to grapple down the mesa. Then orcish reinforcements came, attacking The Alliance. 3 days after the orcs attacked, a zepplin from Quela'Thalas arrived, and most of the tauren were taken on board, and would later jump off the zepplin, those who survived would create Camp Narache. The ones who stayed were constantly aware of Alliance zepplins who monitored them. Soon the night elves came, and they gave The Alliance advice on how to destroy the bluff, ruining what was left of the village and killing all the tauren. Soon, large zepplin warships came upon Storm Bluff, and fired upon the bluff. The mesas began to weaken, until one of them finally broke apart, and created a landslide, taking down one more mesa, the total death from the attack was 63 tauren and 4 orcs. Afterwards, the orcs who had made an alliance with the blood elves, attacked The Alliance with their blood elf comrades, and drove them back.They then rescued the tauren and rebuilt the city. With 2 mesas destroyed, 5 remained.