Sen'Jin Village is the home and capital city of the trolls


Once the trolls left Orglarland to build their own city, Shalahara led them to a small spot near the human Fort Northshire. Shalahara was elected leader of the expidition, and he led a group of trolls to the fort, they were immediatly picked out by the humans and all the trolls were slaughtered. The trolls then elected a new leader, Kandin. Kandin decided to leave Northshire be for now, and began focusing on building the village. He found a small oasis near where Shalahara specified, and began to build a village in the oasis. When the village was done there were three homes, an inn, a trade market, a watch tower, a mount shop, and a shack for the flight master. Kandin then opened a flight path from Sen'Jin to Razorspike Village.

The Troll Civil WarEdit

2 tribes rest in Sen'Jin, The Darkspear Tribe, and The Darkrim tribe. Kandin was a Darkrim member and wanted his tribe to have dominance, the Darkspear disagreed that there should be equality. Infuriated, Jaryin, the leader of The Darkspear Tribe, led themselves to Fort Northshire, the humans took pity on them and the trolls and humans attack Sen'Jin. The batles that followed always ended with Kandin victorious. Jayrin tried a new strategy, and decided to move into Northshire, instead of living in The Barrens. The Darkspear trolls betrayed the humans and killed them all once they moved into Northshire. Then the war came to an abrupt halt.

The CataclysmEdit

During The Cataclysm, Sen'jin was hit with massice tsunamis from the coast, also devastating Northshire. With Northshire destroyed, Jayrin and his trolls moved back into Sen'Jin, losing the war. The trolls then began to attack Northshire troops, who were moving supply crates into a path in the mountains, where they set up camps for the survivors. The Dwarven Brigade of Northshire attacked Sen'jin, resulting in Sen'Jin being taken under the control of The Alliance. Sen'jin was used as an outpost, to spy for problems on the coast that came from the tsunamis, and report back to the camps. The trolls took back their land by brute force, and then water elementals from The Cataclysm struck Sen'Jin. The witch doctors and shamans were the only things that saved Sen'Jin.

Current DayEdit

Sen'Jin now supports 57 trolls, as Sen'Jin expands, more trolls are being transported to Sen'Jin from orcish territory. Some known residents are:

Samal: Cheif of the village.

Kami: Advisor to the chief

Voolujar: Witch doctor in-training

Kamashe: Flight master (Raptor-bats)

Rajal: Raptor seller

Kina: Riding teacher, raptor caretaker

Jarag: Trade market master

Kitriy: Innkeepr

Dajal and Fajal: innworkers, brothers of Rajal

Gortralk (Orc): Troll transporter and messanger

Galk (Orc): Gortralk's assistant.