Raganaros is the elemental lord of fire. He is the oldest mortal being in The Mortal Plane. He was also the 4th Prince of The Nether.

Raganaros unofficial fanart


Raganaros was created millenia ago along with his brothers. The titans created him from The First Flame, and as he grew older, he was given the task to wait on Azalaroth, waiting until the world was complete so he could watch over the flames of the land.

The Great RiftEdit

Raganaros was the commander of Suniros's Crusade during the great rift when Suniros was absent to command them. He saw their great passion for the element of fire and took them under his command. When Telanor stopped Illgand from setting The Great Pool alight, it was Raganaros who lit the flame and killed Telanor, in turn causing The Great Rift.

Suniros The Burning PrinceEdit

After Raganaros saved Suniros's Crusade from the outburst of The Great Rift, the squirmish human shaman, Suniros offered is eternal gratitude to Raganaros for saving his troops, which he was emotionally bound to. Raganaros then took Suniros to Mount Hiljron, where the great elemental lord took the flames of the sun and poured them into Suniros' soul, imbuing him with god-like power and a nigh-infinite lifespan. Suniros them went on to open a coffee shop in modern day London.