The Ruins of Queal'Arathas after The Horde attacked

Quel'Arathas is the night elf capital city of Selradom. Blood elves, high elves, and true elves also live in Quel'Arathas, and there is also a large population of Delar orcs in the area, it has a direct zepplin route to Earth-Valley, the former capital city of the tauren.


When The Night Elven Order of Dalarathus left Tulastril, they planned to journey to the ruins of Qualarathas and rebuild a settlement for their blood elf bretheren to call a home. Illarain Stormfire was elected leader of the pilgrim expidition to Tala Quay Haya (The Great Ruins in elven tounge). Illarain led a team of 50 pilgrims to Selradom, which at that time was part of The Eastern Kingdoms. Being on the other side of the world, Malfurion Rainstorm suggested to launch west, and sail to Peraliyle Empirem, where they can restock on provisions and ride by mounts to Selradom. Illarain made the hard descision to go east, so that they can discover if there were any islands in The Maelstrom, which were Talarak's direct orders. At the midway point in The Maelstrom they found 3 large land masses and 5 smals islands circling them. They made their way to The Eastern Kingdoms and made their way to Selradom uneventfully. From their they created a large central building painted blue and white. The inside was painted with purple, white, blue, and yellow, symbolizing the night elves's control over the city. They began to make smaller apartment-like buildings around it, then empty buildings for other possible needs. They named the city, Quel'Arathas, which means The Great Beginning.

War of 4 Brothers Edit

Not long after, Talarak declared that Malfurion and Illarain could travel to the human city of Tradewind, where the largest amount of blood elves were staying, after their city was destroyed. Tradewind did not allow zepplin travel, so Illarain had to set up another means of mass transport. Tradewind was in the center of The Eastern Kingdoms so boat travel was not avaliable. Illarain wouldn't allow for the blood elves to be heared like sheep and placed into wagons. So Illarain, Malfurion, and Prince Valrum sneaked into Tradewind on Mid-winters eve and snuck out 129 blood elves. They traveled out of the limits of Tradewind, and traveled for 8 hours to Galarath, the only place in The Eastern Kingdom that allowed Zepplin Travel. The goblins in Galarath gave Illarain 3 Transport ships, 4 battle ships, and a command ship. Illarain, Malfurion, and The Prince each took a ship and loaded roughly 40-50 elves on each ship, and flew to Selradom. Selradom didn't have a zepplin tower, but goblin-built zepplins were built so that they could haver and float. Through the next month almost all of the blood elves were rescued. The blood elves began creating more cities, which then became part of Quel'Arathas. Prince Valrum was blood elven, and also Talarak's brother. Valrum declared himself king of the blood elves, but Talarak argued that Quel'Arathas was the only current blood elven settlement and was under the control of the night elves. Valrum decided to create his own capital city, Quela'Thalas. This change weakened Quel'Arathas's government and population severley. The econmy was only surviving by the night elves's religious nature water. Meanwhile, the true elves, who were trapped as slaves by orcs began a revalution to sail to Selradom. Illarain and Valrum both heard of this and in turn, Talarak heard. Talarak and Valrum were both furious. Valrum decided to open ports for them, but Talarak decided to close the port gates, as the true elves had no buisiness in Selradom. Valrum and Talarak declared war on each other, and the high elves of Kalaral declared war upon Talarak, in defense of Valrum. Leratul, the king of the high elves and the third brother of Talarak and Valrum, freed the true elves, and Legarul, the fourth and final brother of Talarak, declared war upon Talarak also, and months later, Talarak surrendered. Quel'Arathas was then filled with all types of elves, and Quela'Thalas and Quel'Arathas became twin capital cities for the elven city of Selradom.

The Cataclysm Edit

When Sinlowing emerged from The Maelstrom, a great earthquake split Selradom from The Eastern Kingdoms, destroying most of Quel'Arathas. Illarain was killed in the event and Malfurion left Quel'Arathas to help fight Sinlowing. Talarak then passed his leadership on to Delrin, the rightful heir to the night elven throne. The cataclysm destroyed most of the buildins in Quel'Arathas, leaving only one building standing, the very first building built

Recruitment to The Eastern Kingdoms AllianceEdit

Delrin's first act as king of the night elves was to affiliate the night elves with an alliance to fight against the ongrowing orcish army which they named: The Catalyst. Although the night elven capital, Darnarassus was in Kalimdor, Delrin found The Eastern Kingdoms Alliance. This great alliance was perfect for the night elves, but they had strict rules that only The Eastern Kingdoms could be a part of this affiliation. The Orcish Catalyst was angered by the growing alliance, and they threatened to destroy Quel'Arathas. King Falconreach had not even noticed their was civilization on Selradom, as they looked closer into it they found it was home to many elves. Delrin found this useful and declared that the night elf civilization resided in Selradom. Quel'Arathas became the capital city for the night elves and most of the population moved there. The other elves were angered by this, and they split apart, the remaining blood elves and high elves traveled to Quela'Thalas, calling all of themselves blood elves, and the true elves moved to the human capital city, Stormwind, calling themselves simply elves. In time, the night elves became a part of The Eastern Kingdom Alliance.

The First Orcish WarEdit

In time, The Orcish Catalyst grew frightened of the new alliance in The Eastern Kingdom, requiring to sail west to Kalimdor and Kalaral. Orgrimarsh Doomhammer, the leader of The Catalyst, renamed their army The Horde of The Orcs, which in time shortened to The Orcish Horde. The Horde, who found their way to Kalimdor, began pillaging the few night elves who were still preparing to journey across the ocean. This angered Delrin much, and the night elves declared war upon The Horde. The night elves began to create a stronger military force than ever before, and they created The Night Elven Civilization of Selradom. Soon the rest of The Eastern Kingdom Alliance (consisting of many human kingdoms and the dwarves) declared war upon The Horde. The orcs befriened the great tauren of Kalimdor and soon their messages spread to Quela'Thalas, and the blood elves also joined The Horde. Then Sinlowing opened the portal to Hathlar, which allowed for the true elves to escape to Hathlar, as they found no place, and allowed for some of The Lich King's undead leigons to pass through from Hathlar. The undead found their way to The Eastern Kingdoms and soon tales of zombies began to arise. The Horde finally attacked Quel'Arathas, destroying it. Afterwards the undead leigons took it over, and called it The City of The Dead. Months later the dwarven army drove the undead back to mainland, where they found the ruins of Lorderdale, and they called it The Undercity. The night elves had reclaimed their home.

Current DayEdit

After The First Orcish War, blood elves began to slowly move back in as tensions between The Horde and the newly formed Alliance decreased. Delar orcs made their way into the city, procreating orcish-elves, but all Delar orcs were dispossed of. Humans are often seen, and gnomes are allowed, but a rare sight to see, dwarves refuse to enter after The Codax. Incantations created by the blood elves stopped the undead from entering, but the rest of The Horde are not effected by the spells. Orcs are banned, but tauren are free to roam. Goblins are allowed into the city within reason and the werewolf-like worgen are banned until further notice.