Daina Proudland standing in front of Lorderdale

Lorderdale is the 2nd largest human city and was the capital city of the humans from 358BBP - 369BBP. It is home to Marshal Willford Brill


King Jaelord of Alrathor decided to add to the human empire, and in 137BBP, Jaelord sent a troop out to Daraen Forest to find land good for a new settlement. After a large storm, the troops were sent of track, and ended up traveling west. After a long while, past the forests of Yenn, they found a great land for a large settlement. They reported back to Jaelord, and colonists were sent, and they soon crated the land of Lorderdale, after the language of the humans, Lordspeak.

War of The EastEdit

In 205, Danarash Forland, a great wizard, was elected king of Lorderdale, although no one knew of his powers. Danarash's worst enemy, the necromancer Kelrond Elraz waged war against Lorderdale. Lorderdale was destroyed in it's entirety, killing Danarash with it.

The Necro WarsEdit

In 210, the new, King Fordling led an assault on Lorderdale, in the hopes of retaking it. In resulted in 32 years of war, which destroyed the new, Skullmance Keep, and Skullmance Tower, which were Kelrond's new buildings in Lorderdale. In the end, a 54 year old King Fordling one in taking back Lorderdale, he soon turned to Druidism, and lived with the night elves, leaving Lorderdale and the humans without guidance.

Council of LorderdaleEdit

In 243, Prince Harland Keeplore traveled to Lorderdale, as the new rightful king. He created The Council of Lorderdale, a council stationed in Lorderdale to vote upon decisions. The council began the rebuilding of Lorderdale, transforming it from rubble to a fantastic new city. Lorderdale was redesigned as a triangle, with walls and gates on every edge, divided into three sections.

Lorderdale: Refuge of AlrathorEdit

When Alrathor was overran, Lorderdale became a refuge for the survivors to come to in their time of need. Many buildings were covnerted into hospitals, and by 358, the council voted Lorderdale as capital city of the humans. By 360, Lorderdale had become the most populated city in Azalaroth. In 369, Many residents left Lorderdale to return to Alrathor.