Dominus Seedikus was a general in Yaxocieus's Aspect. His physical body was murdered by Dominus Flamma at Fulmen's Valley in 0 AF.

Before DarkseedEdit

Before Seedikus was transformed, he was originally Ha'shalt, an archer in Destructias's Acolytes. At the Invasion of Forgehold, Darkseed transformed him, along with many others, into Dominus's. Once escaping with Yaxocieus, he was given the title Dominus Seedikus. He worked in cooperation with Dominus Noxap.

Invasion of WestwordEdit

When Yaxocieus rallied his aspect to invade the ruins of Westword, Seedikus was chosen as a general. They stormed Westword and Seedikus, and along with Fulmen and Ultimus, succeeded in capturing Sir Jahfyre The Grim. When he found Jahfyre, he saw his creator being slaughtered by Yaxocieus.

Death at Holy ValleyEdit

After The Freezing, Seedikus was injured and was about to fall into a deep hole. Ice, frozen to his hand, was all that was keeping him from falling. Once Ultimus, Flamma, and Fulmen, learned of their reward for helping Yaxocieus, they broke the ice keeping Seedikus alive and Seedikus was killed when he hit the bottom of the chasm.


Seedikus was very merciful and didn't kill if he didn't have to. He hardley ever talked to the others and kept to himself.


As a Dominus, Seedikus had limited telekinises abilities. Since he was created by Darkseed, he had power over poison. He could also disguise himself, and transform himself into a raven.