The Symbol of the green curse

This lore belongs to Varun


Destructias was created by Ya'Halder Darkrim and the troll priest Shoomara Blackspear. Shoomara searched in the young world of Halla and found The Eye of Elmara. Ya'Halder took the eye and sliced it in two, the eyes began to form a body, and the worlds worst nightmares that was told around the campfires, was brought to life.

Siege on Black SpireEdit

Destructias was taught in the ways of the gods by Hutra Lamik, the best druid in all of Halla. After his powers were taught, he brought together an army of green warriors in Dominus hoods. He called his army The Acolytes of The Father. The dwarven settlement Steeltrack was flourishing on the tops of The Black Spire Mountains. Destructias, being made from the rock of Black Spire, was angered to hear that the dwarves were bringing artificial substances to the only place on Argoth that wasn't tainted by Meludian. He gathered The Acolytes of The Father and attacked Black Spire on the eastern face. The dwarven military commander, Har'dalgad called to the dwarves of Ironforge via Black Box. The Ironforge dwarves sent a small troop of soldiers to intercept the acolytes. Gralsh, Hurgash, and Traln, were the only Night Elves in Ironforge, and were all captured in battle. Destructias tore down Steeltrack, but the powerful dwarven shaman, Hertan(HAIR-TAHN) infused Destructias into the Black Spire mountains.


After the battle of Black Spire, Shoomara passed the message of Destructias's defeat to Yakrium. Yakrium's soldiers capture Hutra Lamik and his shaman brother, Doma Lamik. Yakrium planned to use Doma to ressurect Destructias and have Hutra transform him.