Camp Redridge is the former capital city of the tauren and is currently part of The Plaugelands. It is constantly fought over by various armies.


When the tauren were young and Camp Carache was overflowing, their chieftan Darean Greathoof found a spot to set a new camp up in The Gnoll Lands. He called the camp, Camp Red Ridge. Soon after the tauren joined The Horde, Red Ridge became quite popular and Greathoof announced Red Ridge as the tauren capital city.

The Gnoll WarsEdit

After 50 years of prosperity, Red Ridge was attacked by The Gnollish Army from Westland. They were also attacked by The Genrish Tribe of Gnolls from Alrath. Due to the taurens beliefs, most of their buildings were wooden towers and their houses were cloth tents, so the gnolls had no problem burning them down. Soon, the tauren were drove from their home, and the gnolls Red Ride the gnoll capital city.

War of The Thundering RidersEdit

Soon after the tauren had lost Red Ridge, their new chieftan Garin Hoofmaw led an invasion to take back Red Ridge using their new mounts, Elreks. Soon the gnolls were driven from Red Ridge and eventually hunted down by the tauren until The Gnolls of Kalimdor were mostly extinct. Camp Red Ridge was rebuilt and they created a large tower that the elder shaman Egar Hoofblood lived in. Hoofmaw named the tower Greathoof Spire in honor of Darean Greathoof who first decided to settle in the lands.

Invasion of The MagharEdit

8 decades after the tauren had reclaimed their land, the orcs of The Orcish Horde began to come to Red Ridge and soon, the tauren had to build onto Red Ridge and they created The Orcish Lands. Soon other races of The Horde came and they soon had The Troll Lands, The Goblish Lands, and The Elven Lands. From The Elven Lands arose a group of Blood elves who called themselves the Maghar. They contacted the rest of The Maghar from Quela'Thalas and soon a large invasion began on Red Ridge. During the two week invasion, part of Greathoof Spire was detroyed and killed the ancient 180 year old shaman Egar Hoofblood. Soon the tauren were once again driven from their homelands and The Maghar controlled Red Ridge for 15 years.

The Plaugeland RestEdit

After 15 years of rule from The Maghar, the lands of Camp Red Ridge were attacked by new generations of gnolls who called themselves The Gahim Gnollish Tribe. Rogue goblins who split from The Horde also fought over Red Ridge. Some of The Alliance forces also fought for Red Ridge and the lands surrounding. Soon the battles spread elsewhere, and the ruins of Red Ridge were soon known as The Plaugeland Rest.

The Battle of Greathoof Spire Edit

Some time after the fight left Red Ridge, the tauren led by Calrin Hoofhell assaulted the remaining Maghar guards and fought for hours outside Greathoof Spire. Eventually the tauren made their way inside and they set base camp inside the spire for days, constantly fighting off threats. Soon Calrin's son, Baine Hoofhell was injured by a night elf named Ellarain. Calrin left Greathoof to travel to Camp Carache, the only place in the Plaugelands that was still safe. Calrin was able to save his son, and sent him with the warrior trainer Galrain Mawrage to be taken under the wing of Thrall. In Calrin's absencse, Greathoof Spire fell, and the tauren considered Camp Redridge to be dead.

Current DayEdit

The Maghar soon lost what little control they had left of Red Ridge and a group of tainted human soldiers named The Confederacy of The Alliance began to take more control, but the camp is always being fought over.


After the Cataclysm, most of the forces in The Plaugelands were sent into hiding. The Confederacy of The Alliance first made it back to Red Ridge and rebuit it as a confederat colony. The re-named Red Ridge, calling it Alrath, after the fallen kingdom of Alrathor. Many Horde slaves are sent to Alrath to work at the farm, lumbermill, and the blacksmith.